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About us

Our vision is to become a trustworthy supplier in the region and a provider of grinding solutions in the grinding industry.

We are a young company but nevertheless with year-long experience in sales and customer support in the area of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. With the support of KREBS&RIEDEL who is a leading German manufacturer of grinding wheels and has been in operation in Bad Karlshafen since 1895, we make the best combination of experience and development to meet the demands of new challenges.

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Tanja Dečman

Customer support
TEL.: +386 1 729 12 65

Dušan Jagodič

Sales and technical support
GSM: +386 31 667 162


Brusilna tehnika d.o.o.
Masljeva ulica 3

Phone.: +386 1 7291265
eMail: info@brusilnatehnika.si

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